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Hawaii has the biggest bonefish in the world. That’s right, Hawaii. While the Bahamas, Belize and Kiribati (Christmas Island) are legendary bonefishing destinations, none of them can match the size, strength & power of the Pacific bonefish of Hawaii.

There are multiple islands in Hawaii that offer bonefishing opportunities, but nowhere are there more square miles of fishable flats than on the island of Molokai. Located between Oahu and Maui, Molokai is home to the 25-mile long Molokai reef, the largest and most extensive coral reef in the Hawaiian Islands, and it is a saltwater fly fisherman’s paradise.

This is classic sight fishing for cruising bonefish in pristine tropical waters. The bonefish on Molokai average 6-8 pounds with lots of fish exceeding 10 pounds. During a typical day of fishing on the reef, you can expect 30-40 legitimate chances at hooking big bones.

Whether you’re an experienced bonefish angler looking for a shot at that elusive double-digit fish, or a trout fisherman who’s always dreamed of the salt and fly fishing the flats, Molokai is a must-visit destination.

Hawaii Bonefishing owner and guide, Joe Kalima, would love to introduce you to this unique and special fishery and the big unmatched bonefish of Molokai. While there are several outfitters & guides offering guiding services on Molokai, Joe Kalima is the only native Hawaiian bonefish guide.

Joe was born and grew up on Molokai and lives with his family on the shores of the Molokai reef. He’s guided hundreds & hundreds of bonefish anglers on the reef for over 25 years. He knows the reef like the back of his hand and where the fish are.

In 2016, one of Joe’s regular clients hooked and landed a 16 pound 3 ounce bonefish, one of the largest bonefish ever caught on a fly rod. Experience, authenticity and local knowledge are critical when choosing a guide, and Joe Kalima checks all the boxes.

Molokai is easily accessible from anywhere on the U.S. mainland. No passport, visa or fishing license required. You can even do an over-and-back day trip from Honolulu or Maui and get in a full day of fishing. And best of all, Molokai is fishable 12 months and 365 days a year.

If you’d like a chance to fish for the world’s biggest bonefish, come to Molokai and schedule a guided trip with Joe Kalima. Let him take you on a fly fishing adventure that could likely be the trip of a lifetime.

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